Webinar Replay – Blueprint for Success with Roberta Ross

What Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Build Their Blueprint for Success!

I know what it feels like to hit a plateau. I know what it feels like when massive success is just outside your grasp. I know how frustrating it can be to keep solving the same problems, but more importantly I know what it feels like to rise above these challenges and I’m humble enough to admit I couldn’t do it alone.

Roberta Ross is a very special person and I’m delighted to share her with you. During our session, we’re going to discuss how to put the frustration and struggle behind. Join us for this special session and you’ll have the keys to make the rest of 2016 extraordinary.

You’ll learn:

  1. How to make more money AND raise the experience of your business
  2. How to rise above your competition and OWN your market
  3. How to get out of feast/famine mode forever

Thomas and Lisa Echea have grown their sales 167% in the last 2 years!

Take our quick assessment and get Thomas and Lisa’s 5 tips for creating an email follow-up system that gets ROI here.



When they started The Echea Group in 2009 (now with RE/MAX House of Real Estate), the brother-sister team of Thomas and Lisa Echea knew they didn’t want the kind of real estate office that went from transaction to transaction, simply ending one deal and starting another. They wanted to build a relationship business.

Lisa had owned restaurants, where customer service was second only to great food. Thomas had over 25 years sales experience under his belt and understood the value of a strong connection with the customer. So, they agreed their goal was to build a business where client relationships reigned supreme.

The problem: How to do it? How do you start that kind of relationship when you’re dealing with hundreds of prospects you don’t know but want to convert into clients? How do you continue the relationships when clients may not need your services again for 7, 10, 15 years…or longer?

They knew if they wanted to build a successful business they’d need to start with a great system.

Two years ago they found their answer and it’s been up, up, and up ever since! “In 2014, we doubled down on email!”

“We knew that we needed a system that was easy and automated or it wouldn’t get done. We investigated “drip email” tools, but everything on the market seemed canned, impersonal and way too “salesy” – you know, the kind of marketing messages that cause you to hit the delete button the minute you see them in your inbox.”

Then they met Dan Stewart from Happy Grasshopper and it changed everything.

“The program we created with help from Happy Grasshopper is simple. We have our database broken into 2 groups: our past clients/sphere and our leads.”

To their sphere they send a fun, friendly message once every 3 weeks. “You wouldn’t believe the responses,” says Thomas. “We get email replies, phone calls and are even stopped on the street by people we haven’t seen or worked with for years. They actually want to tell us how much they enjoy our emails.”

“For our leads we set up an automated campaign. It begins with a brief message that simply greets the prospect immediately. An hour later, a ‘positioning’ email that lets the prospect know why they should set an appointment with us. Prospects get three positioning messages the first week of the campaign. That’s the heart of it. The magic begins a week later.”

The ‘magic’ is the nurturing portion of the campaign. Every few weeks, Thomas and Lisa’s prospects receive “off-topic,” short, fun and friendly messages about things they personally like in the Fort Lauderdale area. Lisa notes: “The messages don’t sell, and that’s why they work!”

And that, the Echeas insist, is how to build relationships and massively grow your real estate business year after year. In 2016 they are averaging a sale every 3 days.

Take our quick assessment and get Thomas and Lisa’s 5 tips for creating an email follow-up system that gets ROI here.


The Perfect Follow-Up Email

“I appreciate the email follow-up. If it’s any representation of your agency, then I am sure you will exceed expectations…”

This is an actual reply to the drip campaigns that Ryan Poppe and Jeff Brown, real estate agents in Durango, CO, are sending from Happy Grasshopper. The best part is it’s not the only one. They get replies like this weekly.

Ryan took the time to reach out (thanks, Ryan!) to let us know about all the replies his Happy Grasshopper emails have been getting.

This is what the perfect follow-up reply looks like:


Organizing Success with Time-Blocking

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: Time is your greatest enemy. You could be the most successful agent in your market/state/country, but there’s still a finite amount of time on the clock with which to get your work done. What makes top producers as successful as they are is their utilization and optimization of time. Simply put: They plan their day and stick to it. And if you want to be successful, you will too.



The Importance of Knowing Your Audience

Content is king, and while much of our success here at Happy Grasshopper is owed to our content, we’d be remiss to overlook the driving force behind a successful email. It’s not always what you’re sending, as much as it is who you’re sending it to. Identifying your audience and messaging them appropriately is the real reason behind a high open rate…and we’ll tell you how to do it.

hg audience


Hey ActiveRain, We Have a Winner!

We have a winner… cue the trumpets!

Before we get to the lucky winner (and his charity!), we’d like to take the time to thank all of the ActiveRain participants for their super amazing submissions. While the winner was drawn at random, we read each and every entry. Contests such as this aren’t simple giveaways, but rather an opportunity to learn more about others and what motivates them. We learned a lot from our fellow ActiveRain users this holiday season, and the experience was truly a blessing.

Ready for the winner? We thought you might be.

The winner is Joe Pryor of The Virtual Real Estate Team in Oklahoma City, OK! Congratulations Joe!!!

Joe’s submission was definitely a great one. His “5 Points of Thankfulness I am Mindful About” was exactly what we were hoping to achieve with our contest. It highlights people in his life that have made both his career and life better – a great piece we suggest everyone read!

download (2)Joe has decided to give the $1500 to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Moon Shot program, which helps patients and their families fight cancer every day. Finding a cure for cancer is a cause everyone can relate to, and we’re glad to do our small part on behalf of Joe!

Finally, all entrants will receive 1000 ActiveRain points for their wonderful submissions. On behalf of everyone here at Happy Grasshopper…

Have a wonderful holiday season and, as always, stay happy. =)

7 Ways to Improve Your Time Management

Have you ever read or watched an interview with an incredibly wealthy person? You know, the one where the person owns an uber-pricey car that can be picked up by a helicopter that then lands on their private yacht? The one question that typically comes up is: “What’s the one thing you can’t buy?” The answer is always the same:


It’s the same with salespeople too. No matter how many leads you have, there’s only so much time in the day, making what you do with it paramount to your success. Today, we’re going over time management, and how to best utilize your time for sales. Let’s do it.

time managment (more…)

Automate Your Leads with Integration


Here at Happy Grasshopper we’re super-duper proud of the emails we write – they’re engaging, fun, and help our customers stay top-of-mind with folks. With that said, one of the most important features we offer our customers is automation. This automation comes in the form of integration with CRMs and other popular marketing platforms to make your life (and success) easier. If you aren’t taking advantage of integration, you’re missing out on simplifying your entire marketing process…and trust us, simplification is something you want. (more…)

How to Write an Effective Holiday Blast Message

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With the holidays right around the corner, what better way to reach out to potential and existing clients than through a holiday-themed blast message? On paper it seems simple enough: Throw some turkey clipart in there, tell em’ how much you love pie, and reap the benefits. You then spend the rest of the holiday season wondering why your message didn’t lead to any connections. Here’s why: (more…)

5 Ways to Find Buyer and Seller Leads

When it comes to real estate, there is one unavoidable truth: leads are life. Whether you’re the type to hoard thousands of lukewarm leads or foster a few scalding hot ones, they’re what drive your business – and your success.

Of course, if leads were easy to come by and, more importantly, close, you wouldn’t be reading this post. That’s why we’ll be going over buyer and seller leads today, giving you the information you need to…lead. See what we did there? =)

5 Ways to Find Buyer and Seller Leads (more…)

5 Years of Happy

Ken Proctor recently congratulated us on our 5-year anniversary…which made us realize, yes, Happy Grasshopper is five years old! High five for letting us know, Ken!

As I look back over our travels together, there are several high points that stand out. Each one, a critical moment that gave us the boost we needed; and each one connected to the people who’ve joined Celeste and me on this crazy mission to create conversations for salespeople.

Now, for total clarity, we didn’t always know what Happy Grasshopper would become. After all, we launched as an experiment. At the start, we simply wanted to find out if there was a market of people who needed help with their email. (more…)

10 Skills to OWN the Inside Sales Call

We promised you a more comprehensive sequel to our 4 Keys to the Inside Sales Call with Chris Smith, one that concentrated on the skills you’ll need to be successful and close the deal. He absolutely nailed it, doling out indispensable info that couldn’t be missed! When we reached the end, however, we realized Chris had too many skills to fit into just one post. And because here at Happy Grasshopper we always keep our promises, we give you:

Inside sales skills


  1. The Pre-Pitch Stalk

The more you know about a person, the easier it is to sell to them. This is an unavoidable truth whether you’re selling them a house or a Sno-Cone. Researching your lead is number 1 on this list and arguably the most important skill to hone. (more…)

4 Keys to Inside Sales Calls

Humorist Sam Levenson once wrote: “Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” Sales is as much flash as it is repetition; a combination of steps to follow every day in order to achieve success. There is no purer form of sales than the inside sales call, the direct contact between you and a potential sale – which is why we’re going to dissect it and give you 4 keys that will ensure you close the deal and cash the check!

Inside Sales Call (more…)

5 Activities That Will Get You to the Top

No matter which industry you’re in, we can all agree on one thing: it’s good to be on top. Thing is, that top spot doesn’t come easy. Any top producer will tell you about the long hours and dedication it took to get there. They may even touch on their secrets of success – but stop short of telling you the whole story. At Happy Grasshopper, we want you to be successful, even if that means our very own Dan Stewart and top real estate producer Kris Lindahl sharing their secrets to success. Together, they present you with their… 

Activities That will Get You to the Top2


  1. Maintain a “Me First” Attitude

I know, I know. You’ve been taught that selfishness is a universally negative trait – but that’s not always the case. A “Me First” attitude is crucial if you want to stand out within your industry.

You’ve got to put yourself first.

This may seem an easy enough attitude in theory, but in practice can prove difficult. After all, we’ve been conditioned that putting others before us is the expectation. The truth is, that you really can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself. When you’re operating at 100%, so are your relationships, which makes self-development paramount to success in all areas.


Learn How to Become the Top Agent

If you work in sales, you’re probably used to people who talk a big game. Visit any real estate office in any city, town or ‘burg and you’ll find an agent who claims to be Number One at something

number sale agent

On our next webinar, I’m interviewing someone who actually is El Numero Uno– and not just of his office, but the entire state of Minnesota. His name is Kris Lindahl, and joining us for an hour of deep conversation just may be the best investment of time you’ll make this year.


5 Simple Ways To Start Your Database

Build Your Marketing Database

You’ve seen the plastic claims and fragile promises made by pitchmen selling the secrets of success. They exclaim, “Double Your Income!”, “Triple Your Sales!”, “Earn What You’re Worth!” and the certainty of their convictions is almost enough to suck you in… but you resist. After all, how do you know what really works? How do you know you’re not going to waste a ton of money and time? 

Well, let me clear that up for you: WORK YOUR DATABASE!

I recently flew to Toronto to see my friend and client, the honorable Mr. Ben Kinney, present his all day workshop RE8. It was FANTASTIC!

One of the simplest things that we reviewed during RE8 was how to get your “Sphere In Gear.” The first step to work your database is to start compiling your list. A no-brainer, right?!?

But it can be hard to get started, so here are some ideas on where to begin: (more…)

Convince Yourself First

At Happy Grasshopper, 67% of our qualified appointments buy our services. We’re really proud of that number and I can tell you that it didn’t happen by accident. It’s the result of years spent acquiring knowledge and testing hunches.

Sales Confidence!

When I started out, I hated the phone. I felt bad for interrupting people, I was anxious to accept any excuse and hang up. It took me a long time to get my own head right, and that experience has led me to one hard truth – long before you convince your prospect, you’ve got to convince yourself.

Since 1997, I haven’t picked up the phone without thinking these words:


Say these words to yourself before each call. People can smell a pitch coming from miles away, and that’s okay, because they can smell, touch, taste and feel your sincerity.