Learn How to Become the Top Agent

If you work in sales, you’re probably used to people who talk a big game. Visit any real estate office in any city, town or ‘burg and you’ll find an agent who claims to be Number One at something

number sale agent

On our next webinar, I’m interviewing someone who actually is El Numero Uno– and not just of his office, but the entire state of Minnesota. His name is Kris Lindahl, and joining us for an hour of deep conversation just may be the best investment of time you’ll make this year.


5 Simple Ways To Start Your Database

Build Your Marketing Database

You’ve seen the plastic claims and fragile promises made by pitchmen selling the secrets of success. They exclaim, “Double Your Income!”, “Triple Your Sales!”, “Earn What You’re Worth!” and the certainty of their convictions is almost enough to suck you in… but you resist. After all, how do you know what really works? How do you know you’re not going to waste a ton of money and time? 

Well, let me clear that up for you: WORK YOUR DATABASE!

I recently flew to Toronto to see my friend and client, the honorable Mr. Ben Kinney, present his all day workshop RE8. It was FANTASTIC!

One of the simplest things that we reviewed during RE8 was how to get your “Sphere In Gear.” The first step to work your database is to start compiling your list. A no-brainer, right?!?

But it can be hard to get started, so here are some ideas on where to begin: (more…)

Convince Yourself First

At Happy Grasshopper, 67% of our qualified appointments buy our services. We’re really proud of that number and I can tell you that it didn’t happen by accident. It’s the result of years spent acquiring knowledge and testing hunches.

Sales Confidence!

When I started out, I hated the phone. I felt bad for interrupting people, I was anxious to accept any excuse and hang up. It took me a long time to get my own head right, and that experience has led me to one hard truth – long before you convince your prospect, you’ve got to convince yourself.

Since 1997, I haven’t picked up the phone without thinking these words:


Say these words to yourself before each call. People can smell a pitch coming from miles away, and that’s okay, because they can smell, touch, taste and feel your sincerity.


Advanced Lead Conversion

Advanced Lead Conversion

Over the past 18 months I’ve spoken with thousands of salespeople and I’ve heard the same frustrations over and over. It kills me how many of you struggle with the same issues when you just don’t have to.

  • Every salesperson I’ve ever known wants to close more of their leads– but they struggle with how to do it.
  • Every salesperson I’ve ever known is bombarded with demands on their time– and they can’t afford to waste it.
  • Every salesperson I’ve ever known gets tons of bad advice– and they struggle to understand what really works.

Say that with me– I don’t have to struggle with these issues anymore. Repeat it. Make it your mantra.


4 Rules for Conversation Marketing

Think back… over the years, you’ve probably had millions, if not billions, of conversations. Stop for a moment and realize that some of your most mundane conversations have turned into your most valuable and treasured relationships. Startling, right?

Conversation Marketing

For example, I’ve now spent over twenty years with a woman who once asked me for directions.

And speaking of directions, we often have no idea where a social conversation is going at the outset. I’m here to remind you to be open to the possibilities. (I love you, babe!)

This can be a challenge because in our professional lives, most of our conversations have a clearly defined purpose. In a business conversation, we have a goal. We need to book an appointment, gain agreement on an issue, or make the sale. When a conversation veers off course, we push it back towards our goals.


How Happy Grasshopper Solved a Recruiting Problem for this Busy Broker


Julie Farmer just started a new business under the name "Live Love Savannah," a real estate brokerage whose vision is to offer superior service to its clients and community. She has built a supportive infrastructure that frees agents to focus solely on their customers’ needs. Now, she is seeking to build her team with people who share that vision — people who love working with others, go above and beyond for their clients, and have a deep passion for real estate.

Here was Julie's problem: devoting her attention to finding those special individuals was something that took time, time that was needed for strengthening her new brokerage and she didn't want to dilute her focus or sacrifice the quality recruits she sought.



If you’re a salesperson, you’re likely quite familiar with the idea of an “elevator pitch”. It’s a simple concept, really, whose general idea is to prepare you to succinctly–and with punch–answer the question, “What do you do?”

In my career, and very likely yours, having a good, well-thought-out answer to that question has led to new business. Having a great elevator pitch is a key component to making a business successful. But one thing that an elevator pitch is NOT is a positioning statement. They are very different beasts and, quite often, they’re things that many salespeople confuse. Knowing the differences and how to use each to their greatest strengths can make all the difference in the growth of your business.


If you think success will make you happy, you have it backwards.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 11.09.55 AM

I had a conversation the other day that really stuck–and continues to stick–with me. It was with my teenage son, who, aside from having grown a foot taller in the past few months (it’s like someone poured Miracle-Gro on him or something), is starting to seriously think about where he’s headed in life and where he’s going to find his place in the world. These are heady topics for kids his age and having someone to act as a moral compass could be helpful. Along those lines, I’m hopeful he’ll soon start to see me as someone who not only wants to help him find his path, but who actually can. (more…)

A Marvelous Dance

This morning, I was greeted by a marvelous dance of shadow and light – a gift for the soul.

2013-10-03 07.12.21 HDR

What pleases your eye most? The spectacle of color or the discovery of the barely visible? The darkness or the light?

In this interplay of pixels I find a reminder of our unknowingness. For these questions, there are no wrong answers. Even so, perhaps there are those among you who are certain your opinion is the opinion, and therefore the correct opinion?

Perhaps, for example, one is greatly invested in the value of contrast. To their eye, the beauty of this picture resides at the gaudy intersection of light and dark. The collision of difference. The car crash of color at the top of the trees and the shadows within the clouds.

Or perhaps one is totally invested in the mystery of the barely visible images hidden in shadow. It takes a careful eye and curious mind to appreciate that which is not immediately apparent, but its presence remains. The fact that it’s not obvious in no way diminishes its value.

Or perhaps it’s the color that excites your eye?

As for me, I remain certain only of my uncertainty.  I strive to see the entirety of beauty and I hope to appreciate it in new ways.  Happy Saturday everybody.  🙂


A Letter From Happy Grasshopper’s CEO, Dan Stewart

Dear Customers,

It’s A New Day At Happy Grasshopper.

Thousands of salespeople from more than 40 different industries already love Happy Grasshopper® and the relationships it’s helped them build with their customer bases. We’ve now delivered more than 8 million email messages, and most importantly, have helped our customers generate in excess of $240 million in sales.

Along our path, we’ve had countless requests from customers asking us to help them do even more.

Today, we’re excited to introduce two new products that will change the way salespeople do business online.

We’d like you to meet Position-Me™ & HG-Recruits™.

With these new services, we’re tackling the challenges of lead conversion and recruiting in an entirely new way. Our suite of patent-pending innovations allows us to create and deliver outstanding email campaigns that are just as unique as you are.


You already know that people buy from those they know, like and trust; Position-Me™ gets you there based on who you really are.  Our process starts with a thorough survey of your strengths, values, interests and personality.  Then, our writing team creates an email campaign that best positions you to every web lead, from any source.

No smoke, no mirrors, just outstanding copy that helps an online shopper realize you’re the person they want to work with.

Better still, each Position-Me™ campaign is designed to complement whatever existing campaigns you may have in place, and is optimized over time to yield the best results.


As the economy rebounds, it’s critical that growing teams add the right people to meet demand. HG-Recruits™ lets brokers, small business owners and sales managers start email conversations that allow you to know someone fits, even before they start. Like Position-Me™, HG-Recruits™ starts with an insightful assessment and marries its results to excellent writing and fully automated delivery.

Like all of Happy Grasshopper’s services, Position-Me™ & HG-Recruits™ are designed to be effortless.

With Position-Me™ and HG-Recruits™, you’ll get replies that’ll not only help you grow, but that will help you grow exponentially, by adding  people who are a perfect fit for your goals.

If you’re already a Happy Grasshopper customer, you already know the results that can get delivered when you stop selling and start making authentic human connections. If you’ve not gotten to know us yet, we’re ready to show you how.

Both Position-Me™ & HG-Recruits™ are available now. We invite you to take one or both assessments and schedule your consultation by visiting www.happygrasshopper.com.

Happy positioning, happy recruiting, Happy Grasshoppering.

All the best,


CEO & Co-Founder, Happy Grasshopper

Gary Vee, Happy Grasshopper & The Culture of THANK YOU

If you’ve been following our series of posts about the amazing speakers headed to TAYHAS for REX Annual, then you know this is going to be a ridiculous event. “Ridiculous” in a very good way.


Leading the parade of freak show awesome is none other than Gary “drink up” Vaynerchuk. In the highly unlikely scenario you don’t already know who this dude is, or why coming to see him alone is worth the price of admission, allow me to drop some truth on you.

Since I’m one super lucky so-and-so, I have seen the magic of Gary Vee up close and personal. In fact, though Gary doesn’t know it, he’s been a major influence in the growth of Happy Grasshopper’s brand.

Back in 2011, when Happy Grasshopper was more an idea than a legitimate company, the good Mr. Vaynerchuk was a featured speaker at the Inc. Conference. I was in the audience and paid close attention to what he had to say.

One key takeaway from his talk (rock concert? tent revival?) was the thank you call. I now spend about five hours a week calling our customers with no agenda other than to say “thank you.” It sounds incredibly simple–obvious even–but no one actually does it, right? WRONG. Gary does it, lots of other successful business people do it, and now, well … I do it. It WORKS.

Do this. Make the call. Pick up the phone and dial. You’ll find that people are often defensive, on high alert, even evasive… and then they realize your call is sincere. In that moment (::SNAP!::) they stop being your customer and become your raving fan.

Come see Gary at REX Annual. He gets it. He is both poet AND killer. He wants us to be our authentic selves andsell shit” at the same time. He wants us to CRUSH. IT. If you’re at all confused about how to do this, why you must, and the fact that ALL media is now social media, you simply MUST come to REX Annual.

If you desperately want to come, but can’t swing the ticket, let us know. Tell us WHY you want to be there so badly you can taste it, and we may just drop a free ticket on you.  It’s our way of saying you don’t want to freaking miss this.”

On Building A Better Team.

Eventually, every entrepreneur realizes he (or she … yes, we know) can’t do everything himself (see above). Running a business is hard work and there’s lots of it. There’s simply too much to do to try and go it alone. It’s unscalable. To achieve success, we must rely on others to help us get there. It’s an absolute. But who? To whom can we entrust our vision? (more…)

Real Estate Conferences: What Works?

Over the past two years, I’ve been to nearly all variety of real estate conference. I’ve been to Bootcamp, Reboot, Xplode, Connect, TechEdge, Family Reunion, MegaCamp, this camp and that camp, and an untold number of smaller events. With this much exposure, some patterns have begun to emerge and there are two glaring points I want to raise. (more…)