Advanced Lead Conversion

Advanced Lead Conversion

Over the past 18 months I’ve spoken with thousands of salespeople and I’ve heard the same frustrations over and over. It kills me how many of you struggle with the same issues when you just don’t have to.

  • Every salesperson I’ve ever known wants to close more of their leads– but they struggle with how to do it.
  • Every salesperson I’ve ever known is bombarded with demands on their time– and they can’t afford to waste it.
  • Every salesperson I’ve ever known gets tons of bad advice– and they struggle to understand what really works.

Say that with me– I don’t have to struggle with these issues anymore. Repeat it. Make it your mantra.


Can email marketing be a conversation?


Conversation Bubbles

Can email marketing be a conversation?

The answer is absolutely yes, but using email marketing conversationally is as much a philosophy as it is a process of following the basic rules.

First, let’s just kill the elephant in the room. Email rocks! It has become the digital glue for all online channels, and returns the best ROI at more than 40:1 far surpassing any other channel at your disposal.

If you aren’t seeing this kind of ROI then listen up. We are going to walk you through how to see this kind of ROI using the basic concepts of Email Conversation Marketing.

First off, it’s important that you understand that most of the traditional strategies and tactics used to sell widgets won’t work for you.

Why? Your product or service can’t be downloaded or paid for with a swipe.

You are a professional salesperson, and you don’t sell concert tickets, e-books or other downloadables. You sell houses, cars, mortgages, financial products, insurance, and all sorts of other things that require you to build and nurture relationships. To generate outstanding returns on your investment in email you need to use what we call conversation marketing.


4 Rules for Conversation Marketing

Think back… over the years, you’ve probably had millions, if not billions, of conversations. Stop for a moment and realize that some of your most mundane conversations have turned into your most valuable and treasured relationships. Startling, right?

Conversation Marketing

For example, I’ve now spent over twenty years with a woman who once asked me for directions.

And speaking of directions, we often have no idea where a social conversation is going at the outset. I’m here to remind you to be open to the possibilities. (I love you, babe!)

This can be a challenge because in our professional lives, most of our conversations have a clearly defined purpose. In a business conversation, we have a goal. We need to book an appointment, gain agreement on an issue, or make the sale. When a conversation veers off course, we push it back towards our goals.


Accomplish In Two Weeks What You Couldn’t Do Before In Two Years

MarkBrunoandTeamMark Bruno did.

Mark is a new Position-Me user and a team leader from the Monterey Peninsula in California (check out his website). He recently emailed us a happy story:

“Your Position-Me system is working great. It is weeding out some of the old dead weight and helping us generate appointments right out of the shoot. Thanks again for having such a great product!”

After reading that, we had to give him a call for more details, right?


Write Better Email with the Information Gap

3 examples that will get you more responses from your follow-up email

Flat design modern vector illustration concept of questioning with isolated hands holding question marks

You’ve got new leads coming in every week that need your help. You’ve got people in your database who are ready to buy. You might even meet someone tonight at a social event who could be your next sale.

The problem: they ask for help once and evaporate.

It gets worse… your new web leads inquire about a property, yet they’re never to be seen again. Or even more frustratingly, you run into an old friend and find out they’ve recently purchased a home (from another agent).

There is a simple solution– The information gap.


Automatic Responses for REALTORS

4 Examples of Automatic Responses for REALTORS® — Yes, you can steal these.

If you’re setting up emails to automatically follow up with your leads, we want to help. Here are some templates of automatic responses that let your leads know you have their information and you’ll be in touch soon:

Automatic Response for Property Request Sites like Zillow, Trulia, and

SUBJECT: Thank You

Hi there — thank you for requesting property information from me today. Yes, this is an automatic message, and yes, I will be reaching out to you in person soon. Do you prefer that I email, call, or text you?

Let me know, and talk soon!

Why this message?

This message is direct, confirms you’ve received their request, and prepares your leads for you to communicate further with them — giving you control of the conversation.

Automatic Response for Open Houses:

SUBJECT: Thank You

Hi there — thank you for stopping by my open house! Did you have any unanswered questions about the property or ones like it in the area?

I’m going to stay in touch in case you need anything — and you can reach out to me anytime at !phone!.

Why this message?

It asks an open-ended question that can garner a response, gives them full-freedom to start a conversation with you, and segues into talking about other properties…that maybe you can show them…

Automatic Response for People You Meet at Events or Around Town:

SUBJECT: I’m glad we met

Hi there — I enjoyed talking to you the other day! I’m following up just so you have my contact information. If you ever have a question or would like to grab a cup of coffee and chat, say the word! My phone number is !phone!.

How are you today?

Why this message?

“How are you today?” is an easy question to garner a response and continue a conversation. The offer for coffee also opens opportunities for a one-on-one conversation, which can lead to more business.

Automatic Response for Leads Through Your Website Registration Form:

SUBJECT: Checking In

Hi there — I noticed you registered on my website, and I hope you found the information you were looking for.

To ensure I send you the most relevant information for your needs, please let me know what best describes you:

  1. You’re looking to buy or sell your home ASAP and just need to get ready for the next steps.
  2. You’re thinking of making a move, but you’re not 100% sure.
  3. You’re simply looking at what’s available in the market out of curiosity.

Whatever your circumstances, I respect them — I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and feel free to reach out to me anytime at !phone! if you have a question.

Why this message?

This message lets the reader know you respect their space, while also setting the stage that you will be following up in the future. It also asks open-ended questions that empowers them to impact the kind of communication they receive from you. If you don’t have open-ended questions in your email follow-up now, we highly recommend including them! They’re a great way to foster conversation.

How to Create the Best Autoresponse: A generic response isn’t necessarily a bad thing

At Happy Grasshopper, we’ve founded our business on the idea that “canned” email follow-up doesn’t work. The magic lies in personal, conversational messages from one human being to another.

Some of our users who purchased custom content to follow up with all of their new leads were concerned when they received a list of Automatic Responses as part of their custom content. The purpose of this post is to show why we include them and when they’re a great tool for you.

auto response

While we advise against dropping your leads into a prefabricated campaign, asking them over and over if they’re ready to use your services, we do recognize there’s a time and place when quick, simple, and straightforward responses enhance the authentic experience you want to give to your leads. (more…)

Are Your Old Leads Worth $90,000?

Dalley_20_1285890384282Brent Dalley’s were.

We recently ran into Brent at KW Family Reunion; he is a new user and team leader from Arlington, TX. He told a story we just had to share:

“Well, I’ve had 270 people unsubscribe from my first message, and I’ve gotten some hate mail.”

You might be asking yourself why I’d share that.

It’s because Brent is IN LOVE WITH OUR SERVICE!

From the 10,000 old contacts he re-engaged, he also received loads of happy replies from people who were glad he reached out. “I’ve gotten 15 deals. I’m going to end up making $90,000 in commissions from that one email.”

There are leads sitting in your database who are ready to buy. If the fear of getting a few negative responses is getting in the way – listen to Brent Dalley. Re-engaging them could lead to $90k in your pocket by summer.

Do you have a pile of old leads? Want to make more money from your new leads? Wish you got more referrals from your database?

Take our quick assessment and schedule a strategy call with one of Happy Grasshopper’s e-nurturing experts. You’ll love what our personalized follow-up solutions can do with your old leads.

How Happy Grasshopper Ruined This Agent’s Christmas

Brenda Pieper has a lot of great experience to share with her real estate clients, and it keeps her busy. That’s why she hadn’t uploaded contacts into her custom lead conversion campaign, even though it was ready for her to use.

A week before Christmas, she was getting ready to close her doors for the holiday and thought, “I’ll upload contacts as my last task before I begin my break.”


Email Marketing for Real Estate


She didn’t realize that her email campaign had automatically activated until her email began pinging her, flooding with responses — some from leads that were well over a year old. (more…)

Want More Business?

Generate More Business

Los Angeles is a tough market. The town thrives on buzz, so if a company is going about business as usual and not stirring anything up, people assume they’ve closed their doors.

Emma Tate knows this all too well. She’s lived in LA since she was a child, and she’s been running Culinary Delight Catering there for 36 years. Her clientele has ranged from Movie Stars and ESPN to local churches and family gatherings — she’s an LA Local through and through.

Emma began to use Happy Grasshopper in August because she realized she needed to reignite the buzz about her catering company. Her clients have always been delighted with her service and cuisine, and as the company shifts towards decadent party platters and hors d’oeuvres menus, she wants to reconnect with them. (more…)

Pro-Tip Tuesday: The Best Email Signatures are Simple

We know what’s running through your mind. As you craft the perfect email signature, labor over your picture placement, and choose the most attractive color combination — you want to make sure it convinces everyone to work with you.

You may include your long list of accomplishments and certifications. Your tagline will most definitely appear by your photograph, and you’re thinking about showing how high you rank among area REALTORS®.

It’s a lot of information to cram into a small space!

We understand the agony a signature can cause as you try find the perfect placement for each item, and we want to clarify something:

The best email signatures are simple.

best email signature
Here’s an example of a simple, easy-to-read email signature.


How to Nurture your Leads, Past Clients and Sphere of Influence

Lead Nurturing ChecklistCan I ask you 3 questions?

  1. How large is your current database of past clients, sphere, and leads?
  2. What is your system for staying in touch with them regularly?
  3. How much business do you you think you are losing by not having a system to stay in front of them on a regular basis?

Okay, we both know running a business is like having two full-time jobs. But here’s the thing: 90% of salespeople do not follow-up consistently with their database even though the majority (I’m talking more than 80%) comes from it.

Simply put, better communication = more business (and profits!).

I know it can be hard to put such a big system in place …especially if you aren’t sure what’s most effective. That’s why we’re sharing this checklist with you. It lays out the steps you need to follow, plain and simple, to get more business from your database.


Can You Really Make $100k Off Your Database?

Ask David Fraser.

On October 28th, David Fraser is hosting Make $100k Off Your Database — a one-time course on how real estate agents can drive steady, ongoing growth from your sphere alone.

But what if your database has a meager 100 contacts and you just don’t see a way to add 5 new contacts a day, as some speakers suggest?


make $100k from database

Yes, even you can make $100k from the email addresses in your computer.

And Yes — you can learn tried-and-true tactics for steady growth without the cold calling.


The Secrets of the Happy Grasshopper Power User: Maximize Every Email

We have a confession.  Certain Happy Grasshopper users have hacked our email system.  They know the insider secrets on how to use it to their advantage, and their results range everywhere…from gaining new listings to receiving the grand title Happy Grasshopper Power User!

Because all Happy Grasshopper users are created equal, we need to even the playing field and share those insider secrets with you too.

Sshhhh... (more…)

How to Win Every Customer with Email Marketing

A Rule of Thumb Isn’t a Rule of Everybody

You are an awesome REALTOR®. You have leads coming to your peoplebase from a variety of sources, at all different stages of the buying process.  In an effort to gain the most clients, you research email send schedules, spend hours crafting the perfect email of the perfect length, and monitor each person’s activity on your website.

You’re a data gathering, researching, planning machine. Way to go!

Somewhere along the way, though, you may follow the rules too much and cut out who you are — the most valuable factor in your brand.

We don’t want that to happen, so we have some ideas to share with you.

THINK BIGGER (1) (more…)

Email Marketing for Real Estate: How One Message Can Grow Your Business

The cycle of marketing never stops turning. What was once tried and true becomes hackneyed and cliche. We observe this in fashion, music and art – and in today’s real estate email marketing, as will be our focus today.

Millions of email marketers have now been taught the same tactics: optimized subject lines, strong calls to action, captivating images, and so on. The result is that even the least hardened email recipient understands they’re being sold to. We do this as professional marketers, even though we understand that no one likes to feel like a target.

Your audience is a lot smarter than you (1)

Clothing stores and various merchants overcome the sense of inbox attack by giving their recipients exclusive access to discounts on their products and chances to access items that aren’t open to the general non-email-registered public. (more…)

Three Years at Happy Grasshopper: Growth is Awesome

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 5.03.49 PM

This month marked the third anniversary of Russell’s first day working at Happy Grasshopper — and, in his words, “It’s been AWESOME!”

A Rock Star Beginning

When he walked through the doors of our fresh startup, he quickly took to heart and applied the motto: “It’s not about what’s right or wrong, it’s about how to be more awesome.”

From his first day, Russell could feel the energy of the full-on R&D phase that accompanies any young company. “It was exciting. Dan, Celeste, and I often sectioned off time to toss around ideas and develop plans.”

Their day-to-day motives revolved around the goal of providing a quality, “Rock Star” experience to every single Happy Grasshopper customer. They knew Russell would be the right person to help, being a Rock Star himself who has managed several bands, developed his own record label, performed his own extensive repertoire alongside Top 10 Billboard artists, recorded with Grammy award winners, and much more. (more…)

Pro-Tip Tuesday: How to Maximize the Value of Your Open House Leads

Don’t Worry — We’ll Take Care Of These For You Too

Open Houses are one of the best ways for real estate agents to get in front of buyers. The leads you gather at them are priceless because you’ve already met face-to-face. You’re now a human being to them.  We understand, often the people you meet at open houses won’t be ready to buy for a little while…but that doesn’t make them any less valuable for your business.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.39.36 PM (more…)

How to Bring Leads Back from the Dead

This agent gained 2 listings on her very first day using her lead conversion campaigns.

Imagine sitting down at your desk one afternoon, opening up your inbox, and having 30 emails waiting for you — one of which includes two listing requests — and many other potential clients eager for further communication.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 4.41.37 PMThis exact scenario happened to Jennifer Doak within hours of deploying her lead conversion campaign from Happy Grasshopper.

As she collaborated with the Happy Grasshopper team, she was nervous about the send schedules we suggested.  Like many mindful people, she didn’t want to email her leads too frequently and bother them.

Jennifer felt the same way about emailing her 1,100 old, “dead” leads.  Without having an extra nudge to do so, she never would have sent a message to a contact that had sat dormant in her peoplebase for three years.

Nonetheless, when she made the leap with her old leads, new leads, and sphere — people really did respond, and she re-established relationships.  Jennifer was surprised by the low rate of unsubscribes for such a large pool of contacts, and while a few people emailed her asking that she remove them from her mailing list, she said it was incredibly simple to do so because the system is so easy to use. (more…)

How Technology Can Save Recruiting

Liz Ryan, former Fortune 500 HVP and founder of Human Workplace, recently published a phenomenal article about how the recruiting system utilizes technology to automate an already broken form of fielding for new talent.  It’s crippling the recruitment process.

She points out that asking for resumes and a list of tasks performed, where they worked, and how long they were at their jobs says nothing about the candidates at hand.  Reading about tasks doesn’t reveal what a person is like, what they care about, if they come to work on time, or if they’ll add value to your organization.  

One of the biggest crimes committed by many recruiters is that they don’t align their values. After hours of weeding through various potential candidates — their process doesn’t highlight those whose values harmonize with the company’s.

What you really want to know is what projects each person has completed, what initiatives they took, and what they’re like. 

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.21.17 AM

Liz also makes the point that you shouldn’t be talking down to your recruits — you should become more human, market to them, and show how their lives will be better when they join your team.  Just like your customers, they too drive your success and should be treated accordingly.  


5 Reasons Why Email Still Has More Mojo than Facebook

Hey, Email, your old man strength is showing.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 3.45.17 PM

TechCrunch recently posted “Why Everyone Is Obsessed With E-Mail Newsletters Right Now” by Klint Finley (@klintron), showing how email is making a comeback. Publishers have found “the original social media” (yes, we mean email) most effective in communicating with their audiences, beating out Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tubmlr, et al, because of increased control and the fact that consumers are paying attention to their inbox.

Here’s a highlight:

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 3.30.49 PM

Click here to read more.

And remember — it doesn’t even have to be a newsletter.  A personal message can drive amazing results for you.

Thanks TechCrunch!

Drip + Social + Personal = AWESOME.

Katie Lance, we’ve read your post, and we agree on a lot of things — but we think your title might be misleading to agents and could potentially cause them to drop one of the most powerful tools at their disposal: automated email marketing (i.e. “The Drip”).

We want to preface our response by saying that we are a huge fan of yours.  You’re an incredible teacher, and the knowledge and insight you provide is second to none for those looking to add social media and relationship marketing into their business.  Our point here is to share a different side of the coin when it comes to email drip marketing.

No one wants to be marketed to — we agree wholeheartedly.  In fact, we bet that if 100 focus groups studied whether or not consumers liked to see commercials, receive direct mail, or view advertisements on their favorite blogs…every person would say they didn’t want the marketing, (aside from those billion-dollar budget Super Bowl ads, that is).



Thanks for the Tip, Inman! Also Consider This “Low Tech” Approach.

Inman released an article by Will Caldwell on how real estate agents can remain relevant to their clients after the sale — you can read it here.  This is definitely an important topic, since, even with all of today’s technology, only 17% of homeowners use their real estate agent for more than one transaction.

We have to agree that real estate agents need to find an efficient way to engage their past clients, and they do need to steer away from email blasts if they want to engage the up and coming Millennial generation.  We’d also like to point out, that doesn’t mean throwing away email entirely, and remaining relevant can be simpler than tracking past clients’ cellphone locations.