Our next webinar isn’t scheduled yet. That’s ok – we’ve done some great ones over the years, here is a list of our favorites.



What Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know about Digital Advertising

Dan Stewart interviews Jed Carlson.

Leveraging Systems and Accountability with Bri & Ryan Tollefsen

Bri & Ryan teach us how to leverage systems and people for success!!

Buyer/Seller Lead Conversion with Morgan Carey

Morgan Carey, CEO of REW, joins us to discuss lead conversion, web presence, and PPC campaigning!

Why You Need a CRM (and how to pick the perfect one)

We’ve tasked Dan Corkill, CEO and co-founder of Follow Up Boss to not only tell us why we need a CRM, but also which one to choose.


Kris Lindahl Webinar Pt. 2

Kris is back again to discuss lead generation and conversion, leveraging your leads, and how to recruit the best.


Kris Lindahl Webinar Pt. 1

Minnesota’s top agent joins us and shares the 4 activities that will get you to the top.


Farmer + Tiger = Unicorn

Ben Kinney and Dan Stewart discuss how being a tiger, farmer, and unicorn will help you rise above the competition.


Let’s Go Zombie Hunting

WE LOVE DEAD LEADS! And you’ll love ’em too after we show you how to turn them into new business.